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One of the best features of this system is that there are no modifications required to attach it to your bike. It cleverly makes use of the existing bolts (no extra bolts are required) already on your bike. There's no drilling, welding or any of that to damage your bike. What's more? It hides behind the railing on your bike so it's virtually invisible to the casual observer. What's even better? Your tail lights get to stay in their standard location. That's right, they don't have to be moved! That allows you to maintain your bike's original appearance and still be able to attach saddle bags with ease.
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Easy Brackets -

Easy Brackets ist  ein sicheres, abschliessbares und abnehmbares Montagesystem für Satteltaschen mit flachem, hartem Rücken (wie Cs4 Satteltaschen) . Es erlaubt die Satteltaschen, schnell zu montieren und abzunehmen.

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Wir haben Easy Brackets auf Lager, aber nicht alle Modelle. Wenn nicht auf Lager, ist die Liefertermin für Easy Brackets  ca. 3 Wochen.

Eine Alternative ist das einstellbare  und abschliessbare  Cs4 abschliessbare quick release System