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CS & V

Cs4 is a trademark of Cs & V bvba.

Cs & V is a  Belgian family company based in Ghent. After 18 years in the motor industry we started designing detachable motorcycle bags in 2009. In 2010 the bags were commercialized under the brand "CS4".
The Cs4 bags are sold through a number of Internet shops. In 2011, the sons joined the business and the company of V. Noreilde was transformed into a BVBA.
CS & V has now also started selling the CS4 products to wholesalers and motor dealers worldwide.

Our bags are made of leather or synthetic leather.  They  can be attached to the motorcycle by means of the "Click & Lock" System or a “Detachable Bracket” System.


The feedback from the rider is very important to us. If you have any comments about our products, or the shops, please let us know. We are learning from your comments !

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Cs & V bvba
Poelstraat 159
9800 Deinze