Saddlebag sets that can be installed without winker relocation

Cs4 detachable saddlebag set with CL2XL hard leather saddlebags

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Set CL2XL-602c
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1 Cs4 saddlebag set = 1 pair of Cs4 saddlebags + 1 pair of quick release mounting brackets

Dimensions : 45 cm x 31 x 18,5
Capacity : 46L / set


Standard Characteristics :

  • Reinforced backside;
  • Completely reinforced with 2mm Polyethylene at the inside (very good shape stability!);
  • Classic buckles + quick release buckles;
  • Sliding grip.

Customization Possibilities  (optional) (2): 

  • Studded or non-studded;
  • Lockable with a key ;
  • Reinforced with aluminium;
  • Full grain cow leather;
  • Black or brown leather


You can order the customization options separately at " Customization". They have to be ordered together with the bags! (not afterwards!)


(1) Standard bags are usually on stock.
Customized bags (with options) are only made on demand and cannot be returned. There can be considerable times of delivery (2 - 6 weeks depending on the low or high season) !