Cs4 detachable saddlebag set with X121A hard leather saddlebags

Set X121A
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1 Cs4 saddlebag set = 1 pair of Cs4 saddlebags + 1 pair of quick release mounting brackets

Dimensions : 54cm x 31 x 21
Capacity : ca 53l/set

Click here for mote pictures of these bags

Standard Characteristics :

  • Lockable with a key;
  • Made of 4-5 mm full grain bull leather;
  • Partially with leather print;
  • Reinforced backside;
  • Reinforced with aluminium and PU foam (very good shape stability!);
  • Classic buckles + quick release buckles;
  • Grip;
  • With studs;
  • With small outside pocket;


Customization Possibilities  (optional) (2): 

  • Non-studded ;
  • Without leather print (plain leather);
  • Without ouside pocket;
  • Brown leather;

You can order the customization options separately at " Customization". They have to be ordered together with the bags! (not afterwards!) These bags are made on demand. Time of delivery : ca 2 - 3 weeks.

Split leather  :

The "split" is the underside of the hide  Most saddlebags on the market are made of this leather. It is a good material. But, this leather is not as strong as grain leather and it is more difficult  to make it water proof or  water resistant.  

Full grain leather :

The strongest and most durable part of the hide of an animal is just below the hair. The grain pattern in this part of the hide is very tight, and the leather made from here is called  full-grain  leather. Full-grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather

Leather must be cared for, cleaned and conditioned! 

·  Cs4 saddlebags are made of cow or bull leather;

·  They are reinforced in all critical points;

·  To keep their shape, they are completely reinforced at the inside;

·  The backside is reinforced, so that they can be used with several quick release mounting systems;

·  Buckles & decorative studs are rust free;

·  These saddlebags can be customized with several options (see customization);

·  Prices per pair

(1) Standard bags are usually on stock.

(2) Customized bags (with options) are only made on demand and cannot be returned.

There can be considerable times of delivery (2 - 6 weeks depending on the low or high season) !

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