Cs4 saddlebags quick release brackets for Honda VTX 1300C 1800C & 1800F

21EB10 4 12 JR-VTX-C1
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Cs4 saddlebags, Easy Brackets, Cs4 quick release mounting brackets,

Easy Brackets, Cs4 quick release brackets & Cs4 saddlebags for Honda VTX 1300C 1800C & 1800F

We present also the suggested Cs4 saddlebags for these motorcycles.

For the suggested Cs4 saddlebags : go to "More"


* Easy Brackets and Cs4 quick release mounting brackets are lockable, detachable saddlebag systems to install and remove saddlebags in seconds.

Easy Brackets is very model specific, the Cs4 system is more universal. 

Suggested Cs4 Saddlebags

Most bags can be made "lockable with a key" (optionally)

When winkers are relocated, often bigger bags from our Cs4 xcollection can be mounted


CL2XL saddlebags
C47XL saddlebags
P47XL saddlebags


P109 saddlebags
C105 saddlebags
Cs4 saddlebag collection


T121 lockable saddlebags
D201  saddlebags
P102 saddlebags


P106 saddlebags
X121A saddlebags
P134 saddlebags